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Study in Turkey

The Republic of Turket is located between Western Asia and South Eastern Europe.

A crossroads for international students by providing high quality education. We can find best universities for you during this important decision period of your life.

Undergraduate, Post Graduate (Masters) and Doctorate Degree Programs.

Tuition is from $2500/Year (Subject to Course and Program).

**50% to be paid upon issuance of Offer Letter.

Service Charge: NGN350,000

For Diploma & Undergraduate Applicants:

*Application Fee - $200

 *50% deposit of service charge 

*International Passport (Data Page).       

*Passport Photo 

 *O'level Certificate/Result

For PGD/Masters Applicants, in addition to the above requiements:

*BSc Certificate & Transcript (for Masters Degree Applicants).
*Letter of Intent (Statement of Purpose)   

*CV (Curicullum Vitae)
*Two Reference Letters

  • Valid Passport and photocopy (The Passport should be valid for at least 6 Month that the date of Visa application.)
  • passport photos  (6cm×5cm )with white background Colour, photos should not be stapled to the Form.
  • Application Fee - $250 (Non Refundable )
  • *Your Last 6 Month bank statement with reference letter showing transaction and your full name.
  • *A letter from your employer in Nigeria mentioning your annual salary, your position, date of leave.
  • *If your financial means are not sufficient or if you are a student in Nigeria, you may also provide commitment letter from your sponsor starting he/she will be responsible for your expenses, proof of his/her financial means and  copy of their passports.

Students should provide their ” Students I’Ds “

  • If you are a business person in Nigeria, you should also present: Income Tax Clearance Certificate ( 1 Original + 1 Copy).

For application Under 18 Years old

  • A parental authorization letter from the “Court” or “Notary” if not traveling with both parents.
  • Birth Certificate ( 1 Original + 1 Copy )
  • For Non Working Spouses
  • *One copy of wedding certificate (if married).
  • Vaccination Card ” for yellow fever and typhoid disease.
    National I’D Card ( 1 Original + 1 Copy )
  • Travel health insurance which covers the entire period of intended Stay.

Processing Timeline: 2 Months.


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Study in Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus draws attention with its universities as it does with tourism. This lovely island offers an opportunity to study, with the added bonus of the taste of holiday with its sun, sea and natural life. Growing larger each day with their modern campuses, the universities in North Cyprus play host to thousands of students who want to study in a peaceful and reliable country. More than 40 thousand students from different countries around the world are studying in North Cyprus, one of the most significant educational centers of the Mediterranean. The educational system in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (T.R.N.C.) is fast becoming one of the best in the whole of Europe. Admission is open for the 2021/2022 academic session.

Some of the benefits of studying in Northern Cyprus:

  • North Cyprus Universities are Internationally recognized and accepted worldwide. The Universities are even better than most Universities in other parts of Europe.
  • Universities in North Cyprus are known for quality Education at International standards in English medium.
  • International Students have the opportunity to enjoy qualified faculty members at international standards.
  • Education in North Cyprus is in line with the American Credit System. Many of their lecturers are even from the United States.
  • There are hundreds of courses available. All in English Medium of study.
  • Affordable tuition fees and moderate living expenses. The tuition fees are moderate and cheaper than most parts of Europe.
  • World class standard of Education with Excellent facilities for social, cultural and sports activities.
  • Accommodation is world class standard and available both on campus and around the city.

Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Programs (Masters/PhD)

  • Tuition is from $2800/Year (Flexible payment plan available).

**Initial deposit - $1100.

**The rest is paid in instalments.

  • Application Fee: 150 Euros                          
  • Service Charge: NGN450,000

For Diploma & Undergraduate Applicants:

  • Application Fee - 150 Euro
  • 50% deposit of service charge
  • International Passport (Data Page).       
  • Passport Photo            
  • O'level Certificate/Result

For PGD/Masters Applicants, in addition to the above requiements:

  • BSc Certificate & Transcript (for Masters Degree Applicants).
  • Letter of Intent (Statement of Purpose)    
  • CV (Curicullum Vitae)
  • Two Reference Letters
  • All academic documents (Attested and Legalized). Chat 07013963931 for Legalization support.

  • Paid Acomodation in Northern Cyprus (Chat 07013963931 for support)

  • Proof of Quarantine Payment (Chat 07013963931 for support) Passport Photographs

  • PCR (Negative)

Processing Timeline: 3 Weeks.


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Study in India

India can boast to have some of the best institutes in the world. They also have the best teachers (recent surveys show US wants 700,000 teachers from India). It is the fast integrating world economy and corresponding rise of students mobility that have made studying in India an attractive option. India is fast becoming a major economic power in the world today. If its growth trend continues for some more years, it would soon be playing a major role in the world economy along with China. This itself has been a major cause of attraction for many international students. There are many advantages of studying in India. A study in India translates into a superior quality education. Indian educational qualifications are recognized all over the globe.


  • India can boast of having the best Institutions in the world. They have the best teachers that are requested for in high demand all over the world. No wonder they attract International Students from all over the world.
  • Foreign students enjoy their Education in India because the country is relatively cheap, compared to other parts of the world. All Universities in india are open and available for Intentional Students.
  • Universities in India have a very high ranking and is able to compete with the very best all over the world.
  • Almost all courses are available to study in India. You can hardly find a course that is not available in India. They are very serious when it comes to Education.

Preparatory (Language) Programs.

Undergraduate Program.

Post-graduate (Masters/PhD) Programs.

  • Tuition starts from $3000/Year (subject to course and program).

**Tuition is paid on instalment basis.

  • Application Fee: $200
  • Service Charge - NGN300,000.
  • Attesstation and Eligibility Letter - NGN120,000.
  • International Passport.
  • Passport Photo
  • O'Level Certificate/Result
  • Birth Certificate
  • BSc/BA Certificate & Transcripts.
  • Application Fee -  $200
  • Deposit of NGN150,000.
  • Visa Fee- $252
  • Oral Polio Vaccination/IPV
  • Yellow Fever Vaccine Card.
  • Original passport valid for a minimum of 6 months (or for the validity requested, if greater)
  • A photocopy of the data page of the passport
  • Two photographs of the size of 50mm X 50mm i.e. 2 inch x 2 inch with light background Photos should be glued on your forms in the box provided on pages 1 and 2 of the online form.
  • Visa application form duly filled in online _ Your form should be signed in the box under the photograph on page 1 and at the end of page 2 Your signatures should match with the signature printed on your passport.
  • Copies with originals of applicant’s previous educational qualifications i.e. Jr. & Sr. Secondary certificates, Mark Sheets, Diploma, Birth Certificate duly attested..
  • A letter of support with contact details from the parent/guardian accompanied by a bank guarantee/certificate with a copy of Identity Card. In case of sponsorship of higher education from the State Government, a letter in original duly stamped and signed with contact details of the officer concerned.
  • Evidence of transfer of adequate funds for at least 4 months sustenance in India or production of traveller’s cheques for a similar amount.
  • Indian university/ college/ school to email following to HCI email and (For Lagos: and from their official email id with copy to the applicant. Applicant is to attach a printout of the invitation and the email with the visa application form.
  • Offer /admission letter.
  • Undertaking by Indian university/ college/ schoolto be responsiblefor the student during his stay in India and undertake regular FRRO verifications.
  • Undertaking by Indian university/ college/ school to reside student in hostel on campus.
  • Student visas would be considered only for regular academic courses from renowned Indian Universities
  • Foreign students already sought admission in India and have completed first year of their studies should ensure that they get their visas extended well before time while in India before returning to their country of origin on vacation. In emergency situations, they are advised to visit the nearest FRRO/FRO’s office for extension of visa with prior permission obtained from the University/educational institution.


i) In case of provisional admission, registration required within 14 days of arrival in India and then again, on confirmation of admission, within 90 days of arrival with the requisite documents.

ii) Additional documents may also be required of you at the time of interview by the Consular Officer.

Process timeline - 2 Months

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Study in China

China is no doubt a powerful nation with the largest education system in the world. China attracts students all over the world making it a top destination for study.

  • Language Program
  • Undergraduate Program
  • Post-graduate Program (PGD/MSc/PhD)

Tuition is from $2500/Year (subject to Course and Program).

**Tuition can be paid in instalments.

  • Application Fee- $200
  • Visa Fee - NGN14,000
  • Service Fee - NGN300,000
  • Passport
  • Passport Photo
  • Original and photocopy of the Admission Letter.

  • Mark sheet/diploma (original and photocopy)

  • If necessary, the consular officer may require the applicant to provide other supporting documents or supplementary materials.

  • The consular officer has the final decision on the visa issuance, validity, duration of stay and number of entries according to specific condition of the applicant.



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